Smart technology for a better massage

The world today is filled with “smart” devices. Phones, televisions, thermostats, even toilets are “thinking” and working to make your life easier. The engineers at Panasonic are also employing smart technology but with a higher goal in mind: to make you feel better. For evidence, look no further than the latest Real Pro Ultra massage mechanism found in our MAJ7 massage chair.

If you’ve got a kink, it’ll find it.
The Real Pro Ultra’s pressure sensor scans the surface of your body to identify areas of muscle tension. Like a massage therapist, the Real Pro can precisely detect various levels of tension and adjust both the massage pressure and movements to deliver relief where your body needs it most. To accomplish this incredibly rejuvenating feat, it monitors your acupressure points up to 100 times per second throughout your massage!

Mapping the way to relief.
As the MAJ7’s pressure sensor technology scans your body in search of muscle tension, it also creates a virtual map of your back. This allows it to deliver a precise massage that’s specifically contoured to your spine’s curves. It’s a difference you can feel.

More acupoints, more relaxation.
The MAJ7’s Real Pro Ultra mechanism uses a variety of massage techniques to access all 1080 acupoints on your back and neck for a deep, satisfying session that will invigorate your body and mind. On top of that, soothing direct heating elements on the massage rollers deliver point-specific heat that mimics the thumbs and palms of a massage therapist’s hands for maximum relief.

Customized at the press of a button.
The Real Pro Ultra roller massage intensities are independently controlled, offering gentle to firm settings. So once you dial in the best massage for your body, you can store the settings for up to three users.

features of the real pro ultra
No smart home is complete without it.
While controlling your lighting, security, thermostat, and home entertainment system with advanced technology is great, do your body a favor and put it to work for a healthier, happier you with the Panasonic MAJ7. All in the comfort of your home, smart home.
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