1080P Acupoint Body Scan

The RealPro 4D Massage Mechanism locates 1080 individual points on your back and neck, creating a virtual map so that it can perform the correct movements with the right amount of pressure to each part of your body. No other massage mechanism performs a more precise scan or delivers a massage that is more customized for you. 

Furthermore, the RealPro mechanism detects every acupoint on your back and neck. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupoints are locations on the surface of the body that can be manipulated to change how energy flows in order to treat pain and improve health. And Western medical research has found that manipulating acupoints can stimulate the central nervous system to activate the body’s natural healing abilities, and even improve emotional well-being.

By identifying and precisely massaging your body’s acupoints, Panasonic massage chairs leverage this fusion of ancient and modern wisdom to deliver a uniquely rejuvenative and therapeutic massage.

Play Video about 1080 acupoints identified by Panasonic body scan